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Our Mission

To provide tailored print media and web-based solutions through innovative ideas that give individuals and companies a creative and distinctive presentation.

re:design strives to create solutions in the fast paced world of design. Fifteen years of experience and building close relationships with our clients allows us to achieve our client's goals. Our approach to design and text integrates flexibility and a fresh eye while focusing on the needs of the individual.

We understand that with the increased pace of business and the need to remain competitive many companies have begun to take shortcuts in the presentation of their companies. While in the short–term the use of simple desktop–publishing software and website templates work in the long run it does not always adequately represent the company. re:design was formed to take your design, text, and web–based needs to the next level. We want to grant you the access to a market where competition drives your business. Our innovative and creative solutions will give you the key.